Variety is God’s Plan for Worship

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers…

What is man, that You take thought of Him?”  Psalm 8:3-4

Though the sun was out, it was a colder-than-normal day on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Cold and windy.  The waves coming into shore looked to be 4 or 5 feet high.  Some may have been cresting as high as 6 feet.

My wife and I were spending a few hours together, sitting on the beach, quietly watching the waves.  On and on they came.  Rolling over each other and onto the sand in a never-ending variety.  It was sort of mesmerizing, and my mind easily wandered, even while I tried to look for patterns in the crests and valleys.

At one point, I connected with the power of God behind these waves.  What incredible planning and structure that went into the earth.  What awesome wisdom to make it all work!  Everything must be just right—the water, the wind, the shoreline, the moon’s gravitational pull—and whatever other elements must come together to both empower such energy, as well as contain it.

These thoughts reminded me that God created the heavens and the earth to reveal His character (Romans 1).  And here, on the shore of Lake Michigan with my wife, I was “seeing” the mind of God toward His creation, as well as recognizing my own need to conform my thinking to His thinking.

I realized that those waves could represent people too.  You and me.  There were big ones and small ones.  Wide ones and skinny ones.  Some of the waves overtook others and they became one larger wave.  Others, in a hurry to do something, crested far out from shore, foamed a little bit, and died out.

The variety of the waves was captivating, and the variety of people in our families, churches and communities can be captivating or even overwhelming.  This is how God planned it!  Although we have much in common, every one of us is completely unique.  Placed here for the purpose of glorifying Him in all we do.

Sometimes the variety of people around us can be a challenge.  We have all been intimidated by the presence of a person who is better at something than we are.  A better musician, a better husband, a better mother, a better teacher.  We get intimidated because we fail to honor the uniqueness of that person as gifted by God.  We lose perspective on the reality that each of us is gifted in some way.

Look around today, tomorrow, during rehearsals and at church this Sunday.  What do you see?  Are you jealous of those God has gifted financially?  Are you irritated at the one that holds a place of leadership that you think you should be in?  Are you embarrassed by your own inability to play or sing the way “so-n-so” does?

If so, let me help refocus your thoughts and give some perspective.  Note that our Scripture verse recognizes that God Himself takes thought of each person.  God Himself has thought about you!  He has gifted you, just as He has gifted others.  He has placed you in your family, in your worship team, in your church because you are the only you that there is.  He wants you to serve Him, and serve those around you, in the freedom of being who you are.

Being jealous, irritated or feeling embarrassed (because you don’t measure up to some standard you have imagined) steals the joy of serving God in the fullness of who you are.  And—more importantly—who God is making you to be for His glory.  Like the waves, He has created each person to flow and crest in infinite variety and freedom.

So enjoy the variety around you.  Celebrate the gifts others bring for service to the Lord.  Celebrate your own uniqueness.  And serve Him in joy and peace.

Father, we ask that you give us Your vision to celebrate the variety of people and gifts around us.  Allow us to take our own place, and be confident in how You have created us as well.  May we, together, serve You for Your glory and honor.  Amen.


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