About WorshipThink.com

2012 Mark leaning  -squareWorshipThink! is devoted to the consideration of worship from a theological perspective, including the integration of clear, biblical thinking in regard to the arts.  Primarily devoted to the writings of Mark Sooy, it is not intended so much for discussion as it is for thinking.  Mark has spent many years in the field, and was writing and developing these concepts even before the modern “Praise and Worship” movement came into vogue.

Many of these posts were originally part of Mark’s writing for the Worldview Church (www.worldviewchurch.org), where he serves as the Associate Editor for Worship Arts.  As part of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview (www.colsoncenter.org), the Worldview Church focuses its work on providing resources for church leaders regarding clear Christian Worldview perspectives.

For more information, and for a bio, visit www.MarkSooy.com

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